Suicide touches us all

A week ago today Dr GS shot himself in the head.  Two people I am close to knew him very well.  He worked as a psychiatrist.  How would you feel right now if the person who was treating you took their own life?

He had reasons.  His wife was divorcing him and his children weren’t speaking to him. His wife had already moved on with someone new.  She was doing everything she could to get as much of his finances as she could.  He canceled his life insurance 2 days before.  I suspect his initial plan was to make it look like an accident, and I guess that didn’t work out, but it means he clearly decided days before he did it.

Mondays are hard days.  Maybe the idea of facing his patients one more day when he felt he couldn’t pretend anymore was just the tipping point.  Very sad.

It is thought that doctors have the highest suicide rate of any profession, 40 out of 100,00 doctors kill themselves yearly.

A book takes a long time to write, edit, and print.  I’m in my 5th year of writing “Please don’t die”.  I wonder how many more names will be added before it’s finished.

Life is painful, but if we don’t learn to tolerate the pain we also won’t realize the joy of it’s absence. Live today mindfully, and with appreciation for all that you have in this moment.

Suicide touches us all

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