Stop! I want me time!

OMG have your weekends and “me” time turned into mine?  My hubby said to me “enjoy your day off! ” and I thought, what day off?  I have to go to yoga, and zumba, and walk the dog and take the dog to the vet, and do laundry and order my craft supplies and there’s a million other things I need to do.  And as I was realizing this day was about to slip into another one of those busy days that feels like it’s anything but about me having a day off  – as I look at my Daylio self monitoring Ap and realize I never check “relaxing” and WTF!  What am I doing to myself?  And how did this happen?

And it happens. We all do it. We get into a mindless routine of what we have to do, but do we really?  If you really have enough underwear to go through 14 days, why do you have to do the laundry just because the basket is full?  Can’t you just push it down?  Or get a bigger basket?  Or buy a new pair of panties?

Well, I guess we don’t all do it.  I do know people who don’t do anything much but that’s the point.  No matter what it is it starts to become “things I have to do” and then the fun is gone! Gone!

What I really want to do on my day off?  I really want to stay in bed and watch Netflix to my hearts delight. And play online spades with online friends I won’t ever meet and blacklist a bunch of dummies who get us set.   Did I?  No.   But I didn’t go to yoga or zumba today so there!  I played some with my arts and crafts and that was satisfying but I was making one project hoping that it would turn out good enough to donate to a charity event I’m involved in.  And again, I took the fun out of it.  All the while thinking this is Monday, and Monday is my allocated day for working on my book and I haven’t written anything much in months now because I gave myself the summer off, and btw, someone please tell me what happened to this summer because I seem to have lost it entirely.  Sheet! Why does everything feel like should, good enough, blah blah blah. Somebody please change this record!    I guess I should have gone to yoga after all.

But do me a favor.  Figure out today what is a should that doesn’t have to be.  And just let it go and while you do that wonderful indulgent thing, think of poor pitiful me, will ya?

And I’m going to keep on searching today for a giggle.   I am going to promise to keep my eyes open and try to find one. I deserve it.  You do too.

Stop! I want me time!

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