It’s National Inperfection Day!

Congratulations!  You’ve made it to the best day of the year, the day we all wait for!  It’s National Imperfection day!  Yes- important to celebrate this by spelling a few words wrong on purpose. Go crazy!  It’s your day!  Anything goes!

What?  This day isn’t already on your calendar?  Is your calendar defective? Yes!  But also perhaps it’s cause I just invented this special holiday just for us.

We spend waaaaaayyyyy to much time and energy hiding our flaws, trying to be better.  Not today!  Today is your day to let it all hang out, baby.  Skip the makeup. Let your hair be dirty. Smell a little bit and spend the day in yesterdays’ underwear.  This day will actually make you a better person.

Why is that?  We focus too much on what’s wrong and when we do that, we miss everything thats going right.  We can ruin a whole day on a flat tire – when instead we can appreciate that we didn’t get fired when we made it in to work late.  There are always so many more things going right in our lives, but when we fixate on whats wrong, we miss living.  We miss all the good stuff obsessing about the bad stuff.  The only way to change this is to have a day where you celebrate everything imperfect.

What a great drinking game for friends!  You can hang out tonight (everyone must be planning to sleep over or Uber or Lyft or taxi) and each one of you can take turns celebrating everything that went wrong and was imperfect.  If you don’t drink, the same game can be played satisfactorily with ice cream or oreos or both. For each bad or imperfect thing, you get to have a spoon or bowl or both!  Because it’s truly great for us when things go wrong because it makes us much more aware of when they don’t happen. And if we never had bad things happen we would walk around oblivious to all the miracles happening around us every day.  Discomfort gets our attention.  We need it. Or we miss too much of what is happening around us and walk around like robots on autopilot.  Not what we want.

You know that imperfect, sloppy, smelly animal obnoxious  boss, co-worker, cousin, or friend you have around you.  It’s because of them that you appreciate everyone who doesn’t have those traits.  So isn’t it wonderful that they exist in your life?  You know all those imperfect, sloppy, smelly and obnoxious traits you have?  Isn’t it amazing that people love you? Isn’t that absolutely fantastic to realize all these people care about you in spite of these thing?  That’s something to celebrate!    Is it possible to cut yourself some slack today and celebrate your imperfections because today you absolutely must because it’s the rule of what you must do on “National Inperfection Day”.  Dig it!

It’s National Inperfection Day!

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