“When I grow up, I want to be president and the biggest asshole ever!”

All I can think of this last week is that this is really what little Donny aspired to all along.  Yes, he grew up with everything.  We know what happens to people who have everything, they want a little bit more, and sometimes they don’t really grow up at all, and sometimes they rebel.  It took Paris Hilton being locked up to grow up a little.

So all I can imagine is little Donny being so loved and doted on by his paid nannies, and all he wanted was a little time from mommy and daddy, but he didn’t get much, so that made him angry.  But still they said to him, “Donny, when you grow up, you can be anything, you can be the President of the United States!”  And Donny thought, “Yeah, and when I’m President, boy will I make them pay!  I’ll show them!”

So Donny used all that borrowed and inherited money and waged a giant PR campaign.  First he tested his method by making a TV show about himself being obnoxious and mean, and he was right!  People loved his being obnoxious and mean!  It was a success.  Now Donny said, “if I have converted all these couch potatoes into being angry and mean and loving that with me, now all I have to do is pretend to be really conservative.  I can go far with the conservative crowd, just like all the banks that continue to lend me money despite the bankruptcies, they’ll forget I’ve been married 3 times and make young ladies parade around half naked and everything else. And if I can’t get money from the US banks, China and Russia will give me lots of money. And I’ll lie alot and make everyone angry and the little puppet conservatives will go along because I’ll make them afraid not to, and I’ll just lie and tell them what they want to  hear and they’ll believe it because I’m rich, and they’ll go along with my charades because they want the power more than anything”.  And they did. And they elected him.

“hmm, now I’ve won, what can I do now for fun?”  he thought.” I know, I’ll create lots of controversy and chaos and while I’m distracting everyone with that, I’ll put alot of people in power who will destroy democracy as we know it.  I’ll make America First just like Hitler promised the Germans and Lenin promised and no one will stop me.  What fun!  And then I’ll own the world.And everyone will have to bow down to me, and they’ll all be afraid of me then!  No one will make fun of me then.” And he tried.

What are we going to do to stop him? If you’re not already doing something, if you’re not paying attention, please start.  We have alot of resisting to do and we need as many of you as possible to be involved in every small way you possibly can.  Whatever you do, don’t shut up because then he wins and we’re lost. Our future depends on you.

“When I grow up, I want to be president and the biggest asshole ever!”

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