Anxiety, Fear and Safety in the era of Trump

I do believe Trump forecast that his idea of running a company ie America, was a dictatorial one and authoritarian one.  That he forecast his admiration of Putin was very telling. That his intolerance of dissent and disagreement was zero.  And when he appointed very extreme radical tea party white supremacist type people, it was clear the direction he was heading. We were all prepared to be unhappy. We thought the checks and balances of our government would protect us, that the constitution would protect us.

But then he took the next step in signing these radical racist ideas into executive orders.  Remember I said the busiest people and the most jobs created by his Presidency  would be  the lawyers?  It’s a great time now to become a lawyer, especially one that is a scholar in constitutional law.  There is no doubt in my mind, there will be movement to impeach him for breaking our constitution in his first week in office, but how soon that will begin is anyone’s guess. Maybe this was his plan all along, to destroy as much of the constitution as possible and then get out of office. When will the IRS finish this audit anyway?  Will they finish before they get fired/dismantled?

Even people in his own party knew he was dangerous.  Secret Service people have had to resign because they knew they couldn’t commit to protecting him. Seasoned, experienced people running the government are fired for disagreeing. In time, many of his actions will be reversed, and he will be remembered as the most hated President of all time.

But in the meantime, we have to try to stay calm, but stay active.  Stay alive and don’t get hurt. So lets review ways of resisting, and laws to keep you safe. For example, if a policeman asks you questions, you can answer their questions. When they stop, ask “am I under arrest?” if you’re not, then you’re free to go. If you are sitting in passive resistance, be prepared to be dragged away and you will be charged with resisting. It’s better to go with them willingly, stand up and offer your arm when they come to you,  one less charge to fight later.  Don’t lock arms – that give the police the right to use their billy clubs to break it up – drop arms if police approach. If you carry protest signs, your stick can be viewed by police as a weapon if it’s longer than 6 inches, thus, drop it quickly if police approach.   If the officer is polite with you, you can thank them.  When you see the ones standing by at our protests and rallies, thank them for protecting you. It’s important they know we are not their enemy.

You are expected to feel anxiety of the unknown, this is a protective tool for survival. It’s ok to be fearful. There are many actions you can take to feel more empowered, such as engaging in public protests, but if that’s not your style there are other actions. You an email your representatives. You can donate to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center , Sierra Club, the DNC, your representatives and senators, and other politicians who support your view. Like the Republicans with a backbone – like McCain, while the others like Ryan act like little puppets bowing to the imperial regime. Become more active in politics.  Join discussion groups that focus on this topic. The opposite of fear is empowerment.  It’s hard to be fearful, but not feeling completely helpless by acting as part of the resistance will help that, and remembering you’re not alone. Fortunately, we see the opposition protests regularly.  We can only hope it will make a difference.  If we stay strong and connected, we can reverse the destruction, although it will take time. His intention right now is “shock and awe” to shut us up. We will let him know it won’t work. To protect our freedoms and constitution going forward, we have alot of hard work ahead of us, and it will require our patience and fortitude.

It’s easy to google “Find my US Senator, Find my US Representative. ”  Create those contacts in your phone and call daily.  Say “This is …..from …..district, I’m calling about ……. and I want you to oppose……..  I do not require a response.”  You can also email, keep it short and include your opposition in your subject title : ie Oppose immigration ban

Fellow Americans: Stay Strong.  Don’t stop fighting.

From the ACLU:

 Key DOs & DON’Ts of demonstrating

  • Conduct, not content: Your right to express your opinion is protected no matter what beliefs you hold.
  • Free-speech rights are for everybody. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a U.S. citizen, whether you’re of voting age, or whether you speak English.
  • When, Where, and How: Every city has regulations and it’s your responsibility to understand them.
  • Civil disobedience & arrest

    Civil disobedience is the active refusal to comply with certain laws as a form of protest. If you’re planning to block an intersection or chain yourself to a building:

    • Keep a valid ID and a list of phone numbers on your person. You may request an attorney and make up to three local phone calls if you are arrested.
    • Be aware of consequences particular to you before engaging in civil disobedience. For example, if you are a non-citizen an arrest may affect your immigration status.
    • You have the right to film the police
      • In public spaces, you CAN photograph or film the police and police activity.
      • The police CANNOT demand to view your photographs or video without a warrant, but they may be able to seize your phone while they get one. They should return it (or a copy of your data) within a few  days. The police CANNOT delete your images.
      • The police may order you to cease activities that interfere with law enforcement. In private spaces, the owner can limit photos.
      • NOTE: The police can also photograph or videotape events that are open to the public, including protests. However, California’s right to privacy prohibits maintaining unnecessary information.
      • Even though you have a constitutional right to film, you can’t interfere in an investigation, and you might be hassled if you appear to be doing so.
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Anxiety, Fear and Safety in the era of Trump

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