Breaking News; Women Find Their Voices


Despite election results, we have much to celebrate right now.  This has been the era when the voice of women has been loud and heard.

I saw this yesterday, with the amazing turnout of so many strong women, who won’t sit by idly while a group of opinionated people spout venom and hatred to divide our country.  You won the election, but you didn’t and will not win our support or our hearts. We know what we love, and if you have never watched hard hard a woman will fight to protect those she loves, well you’re about to see it now.

We made a mistake.   We listened to all the goodness around us and were sure that love, progress, science and logic would win.  The small minded, full of fear, hatred, and lies, were silently following along.  And in their silence, we got fooled.  We lost an election, but we will find our voices.

I am so proud.  No matter how crazy things are in Washington, I think the world understands he doesn’t really speak for the majority of us, and in Washington and around the world yesterday, the world understood this is true. No matter what Spicer said yesterday about the Media conspiracy making the inaugural attendance look small and over-estimating the protests yesterday – I have a message to Spicer – we’re not going away and we’re not getting smaller.  Trumps supporters feel enabled to yell nasty things at us- watch out.  We are the real majority and we will protect ourselves.

My favorite part of yesterday was two fold.  Marching with my actual sister, and marching emotionally with all my sisters.  Yes, some of us have already done this already and we thought we were done.  As long as people claim climate change is a hoax and children are getting poisoned in schools, us women will protect our children, our families and ourselves. We will not be silent.  This was the third year in a row of record high climate heat.  We can see it with our own two eyes.  You can’t scare us.  Belief is not science. Real Scientists don’t have political agendas.

I am so proud of so many people close to me who marched yesterday, or “rode” in chairs, but of so many I personally know who participated in events in 4 different locations. I feel so grateful to know you and know you are with me. I am honored to call you my friends. I am honored by the protesters around the world who joined us, in Berlin, in Portugal, thank you to all. I am buoyed up by the creativity and humor I witnessed yesterday. “If my vagina shot bullets, it would have less regulation.”  Stay the course and enjoy the ride!

Breaking News; Women Find Their Voices

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