My husband may be a little slow

I guess I’ve just realized this.

I guess I should or could have figured this out when he refused to accept some of the things I’d told him about my parents not being that good of parents.  He continued to refuse to accept it, even when the lawsuit started.  He couldn’t believe parents could sue their child.  He couldn’t believe how parents could turn on a child who had done so much for them. He refused to accept it would actually happen.  Now, he finally sees it.  It only took 19 years.

So I won’t worry when he says I’m crazy to feel like I do about Mr T.  He thinks I can’t possibly be right, that this moron is as idiotic as he actually appears to be. That he “knows” more about intelligence than 19 intelligence agencies. Other people have said to me, “give him a chance, he’s a good man” – yeah?  Based on what? I can’t think of one thing he’s done that’s good. He establishes a foundation and doesn’t donate a penny of his own money.  How is that good?  He’s ripped off many companies and people, and hurt many.  So a whole bunch of people want to think he’s a better option and chose him?  Well I have to live with that.  It happened. But the emperor has no clothes. And I don’t need glasses to see that.

So I won’t worry about my husband saying I’m crazy and am being paranoid.  The whole world will be seeing this more and more and I hope our country can survive and recover from this and learn something.  Evil should never win. Bullying should never win. If Melani-yuch wants to address the topic of bullying – honey, if your botox will allow you to move your eyes to look next to you, look and start right there, you have your work cut out for you.

So the people who think I’m crazy?  Watch and see who is crazy.  I don’t have to do a thing.  He will show us all just how idiotic, incompetent and moronic he is. I won’t have to say a word.  You have only to keep your eyes open and watch.



My husband may be a little slow

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