Holiday Gratefulness

I kind of laugh when I hear people say, it’s the holidays, what’s not to like? Really, I could come up with soooo many things, including quit saying that! It’s obnoxious. Holidays are really hard for alot of people and really painful too.  So instead of answering that stupid question, instead I’ll share some thoughts that could actually be helpful.

I’m grateful for yoga.  Yoga is there no matter what is going on in my life.  Alot of the philosophies of yoga are really beautiful and the symbols, even though I have little or no idea what they mean, are very beautiful.  Likely because they have the beauty of an image that endures for thousands of years.  Yoga reminds me I can breathe through anything. And yoga makes me grateful for what I can do, rather than focusing on what I can’t. Yoga practice gives me permission to do what’s good for me, and not what everyone else might be doing.

I’m grateful for the people who I really love and who really love me.  There’s so much joy when I get to be with those people.  What a gift!   I’m grateful for the people who want to be with me. I’m grateful my parents lived long enough for me to forgive them. I’m grateful I lived long enough for them to value me and actually listen to me (took till I was 62).  I’m grateful for the people who endure me.  I’m grateful especially for my grandchildren (not a given since I couldn’t bear kids).  There is no judgement in those relationships. Pure love. Ahhh.

I’m grateful for all the pain, hardships, losses and hurts I’ve suffered. It reminds me I’m human. It keeps me humble. It helps me be more compassionate towards others. It reminds me I can survive pain and loss.

I’m grateful for learning to accept who I am.  It’s taken a very long time and alot of work to quiet the external judgements that can come from outside and be ok.  It’s taken a long time to find the silence.  I’m grateful for silence.

I’m grateful for the  medical foods that help me stay calm and in balance.

I’m grateful for you.  May you find the way to your own peace and silence in the coming year.



Holiday Gratefulness

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