The Up Side of Everything

Here we are approaching holiday time so to help boost your spirits, I’ve started my list to the up side of everything.

So lets start with the election of the Queen of Hearts “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS ” Mr T as I will fondly refer to him going forward. First of all, the concept of him as “Mr T” makes me think of the real “Mr T” and the real “Mr T” makes me laugh! So that’s the up side of that!

Second, TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS REBORN! Mr T will most definately spur the economy for the lawyer community 10 fold, as he tries to change laws he can’t change, sues people left and right, etc. The law community and his appointed mice will soon be chasing their tails in circles and the end result of that is that not much will actually change. Except our economy! Our economy will only grow from the trickle down economics of ten fold lawyers filing and fighting millions of lawsuits back and forth, the paralegal job force will grow exponentially. So there’s a ton of lawyers looking for more work who will find it. (Just make sure you work for the companies opposing him, since he pays 10 cents on the dollar of what he owes and promises).

When did “liberal” and caring for the planet become one and the same? The day bullying became the new acceptable behavior. This gives us a great opportunity to practice mindfulness and passive resistance. It’s essentially this choice we have to make every time a car is riding on our bumper behind us when there’s 4 other empty lanes. Just ridiculous. So to remain calm and present, I count to 30, and each time I reach thirty I slow down one or two more miles, just gradually enough that’s it not so clear what I’m doing. Passive resistance, I take back the power and control of my situation and I feel better.

This is also a wonderful time to practice our modeling and assertiveness skills. When you see someone bullying someone else, it’s a nice time to pipe up and respectfully say “You’re not setting a very good example for your children” when you see someone at the Circus scream nasty insults at the PETA people calmly trying to make their point. Everyone has their right to their own opinion. We can respect that. If it weren’t for the PETA people, elephants would still be getting abused in circuses. They did that. And they did it for the Shamus and other creatures that have lived in captivity. They sometimes might have done some bullying, but bullying just creates anger. Knowledge which they have been more successful at promoting, has been powerful.

So in the spirit of Florence Henderson, whom we lost overnight, lets practice alot more mindful hugging and promote positivity where-ever we can. It’s up to us to protect our planet and our country. Intelligent and progressive minds will once again prevail in our country, and in the meantime, we have to relegate and refuse to emulate the bullying, and protect our country and our children for their futures. History will look back at this abomination and laugh, and we have to use this as a time to regroup and become more powerful.

The Up Side of Everything

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