My dog is afraid of other dogs…

I realized the truth of this, as I walked my dog this morning. Another friendly dog walker stopped for them to meet, but my dog shied away. I thought about how true this is that my dog is afraid of other dogs, and that really, how unusual is this? I have a smart dog. She knows to be afraid of her own kind. Not unlike us humans who are incredibly afraid right now after this cantankerous political cycle.

Thankfully, it is about to end. We can be grateful for this. For many, this is the worst public fighting they have seen, but not for all of us.

Last week I was concerned that a patient I saw was truly convinced that the world as we know it would come to an end if a certain person was elected. Not just worried, completely convinced. I tried to reassure her of previous times in our history where I had the same thoughts, but in doing so, I revealed to her my political persuasion, so there was no listening.

Our lives, and our constitution and government has been through many times of conflict before, and we have survived it. I’m convinced we will continue to do so. Like the numerous times we hear of horrible behavior in the news, it does happen. Bad things do happen. But look what always happens afterwards. Many many good people step forward and help clean up the mess, and do everything they can to repair the destruction and support the healing. As long as our media can speak openly, and show the good and bad of everything we see, our constitution and government is working. As long as we continue to use our words instead of swords, then we are alive and well. Mom always told us on the playground to use our words. In past political cycles there was actual rioting and people killed in our streets. We survived that. We survived and recovered from the attacks on 9-1-1. We will survive this. Us humans are all more alike than not, and we all need each other to survive. Impossible things happen – the Cubs won the World Series.

Kris Bryant’s father was on an interview about coaching his son. He is an inspiring man. He talked about how we get better at things. We go through struggle, but if we persevere, learn from it, and adjust, then we succeed. “Struggle, learn, adjust, succeed” is a good plan for all of life. We have all struggled, and now we will learn, and adjust. That is necessary for all of us to feel one again as a country. If we fail, it means we either didn’t learn from this or adjust to it well enough. So then we’re still in struggle mode. There’s more to learn.

My dog is afraid of other dogs, and sometimes I’m afraid of other humans, but I can learn from this and remember that most of us are good and kind, and we all need each other to survive. We can succeed in coming together as a nation again.


My dog is afraid of other dogs…

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