“Dharma”, Find Your Purpose

I think it’s easy to see, that when we look towards the people who inspire us, they are people who are living their purpose. What is your purpose in life? Why are you here? Your purpose in life is a very important question that has to be answered. When you identify and live your life on the path toward realizing your purpose, you are in the right place and are often at peace.
I think of Mother Theresa, the current Pope, the 13th High Holiness Dalai Lama, and others. When you find and live your purpose, you know what you want to accomplish and it keeps you grounded. But if more people actually asked themselves and answered this question, I believe most of us have a few of the same ones. The question isn’t what your goal is. Your goal is separate from your purpose. If you are living your purpose, the goal isn’t as important.

Lets discuss a few examples. People who work in the healing professions, like myself, are seeking to heal themselves and others. But sometimes they get distracted by the rules and the outside trappings of life and get distracted by their goal to make a certain amount of money, for instance. When that happens, they’re no longer happy. They are seeking a goal and no longer living their purpose. Obviously anyone involved in anyway with religious activities or churches or temples of any kind have identified and are living some aspect of their purpose. People who work in the services of public safety, or any of the branches of the military also went into those fields with the goal of doing something for humanity. But every single “job” a person can do has a purpose, and if you can identify the purpose of why you are doing that job, it becomes more than a job and becomes a way of life. The wait person who serves my food in a restaurant, he or she might have taken that job with the goal of paying the bills, but that job becomes a purpose when you embrace that you’re there to help people relax and break from their daily routines and reward themselves. The person who works at the Emissions Testing Center that checks is my car emissions are clean enough is performing a job, but also serving the environment. If we look from our jobs and titles and chores to embrace the purpose of what we do, instead of the job we do, the feeling becomes very different.

So now I will share with you a challenge I had to sort out recently. I was aware some patients were coming to see me that were very stable and well. They had done all the kinds of things I often recommend to people, and they were coming in for their routine check up. I was a little uncomfortable and almost feeling guilty about having them have to return at all, but when I went to a yoga class last week which had the theme of Dharma, I realized it was exactly what I needed to do. I needed to figure out what my purpose is once a patient of mine has gotten well. Sometimes they choose not to return, and sometimes they also stop their medications, so they no longer need me to prescribe. So what then is my purpose in seeing them or having them come in at all? I realized that in these rare situations, my purpose is to validate and acknowledge their accomplishments, and how powerful each of those activities and actions are. Those people worked very hard to become well, and it was a long and hard process. Sometimes it’s extremely helpful to just have someone present who knows where you came from and what you achieved. It is a powerful gift to acknowledge their hard work. Sometimes just validating what someone else has accomplished or what they are going through or what they are feeling is exactly what they need.

If you break out what I believe most of our purpose is, the most basic is to love and be loved, and to be part of a community. If you provide this to just one person, even just to yourself, you have done a lot, because if you provide this to yourself, your heart is full of love and that helps you to share this with others. Your purpose might be just to heal yourself. Your purpose might be to raise and launch healthy children. Your purpose might be to leave your neighborhood a little cleaner after the dog walk then before you went on it. There are many ways we can find to be more connected to our purpose, which intensifies and improves the quality of our life and those who pass through it. Give a little thought today to your purpose, and watch how you feel and people around you respond when you are living your purpose.

“Dharma”, Find Your Purpose

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