Why Country Life is the Most Dangerous- or not

This article is not for the squeamish, so I have warned you. I just came back from a beautiful stay in the countryside of North Carolina. What a wonderful change it was from the start desert area my kids and grandkids have been in, in Texas, for the last 4 years. For one, I wasn’t afraid to enter the state (too many cowboys with too many guns) , and that was a plus. For two, there was greenery everywhere, lush and rich and ivy growing up the tree trunks and much of the countryside undeveloped and peaceful.

We enjoyed going next door to the neighbors house, where my stepdaughter and son in law are free to help themselves to eggs anytime. They have 5 chickens, real free range chickens who wander around wherever they like, and dogs also running freely with no fences. My stepdaughter filled an empty egg carton with eggs of all sizes and colors, sweet. I hardboiled them, and the yolks were darker than any I’ve ever seen, and very rich. My pee afterwards was so yellow! Gourmet Chefs know the wonderful hollandaise and other benefits this has for good eating. But here’s the rub. Have you ever thought about what an egg is? I must admit as a city dweller it never crossed my mind. I’ve already given up meat, fish and poultry in my diet, and allowed myself eggs because I love cake. I don’t think it’s possible to make cake without eggs, so I’ve consoled myself with the rule that it’s ok to eat as long as I don’t have to kill an animal to eat the thing I love. Since eggs from a hen without a rooster around aren’t fertilized, there’s nothing there that is alive, so there’s nothing I’m killing. But then, I started thinking more about it. What is an egg? Turn away now if you are squeamish and remember I warned you! This is gross. Super gross. What is an egg that a woman has that isn’t fertilized? If you start thinking about eating that, yuch, right? And that is one reason why Country Life is dangerous.

When you live in a metropolis, there is no connection between what you buy in the store and what you eat, or what is in a restaurant and what you eat, with where it came from. If you really stopped to think about where it came from……yikes. Now throw in the new “What a Fish Knows; the Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins” by Jonathan Balcombe, and it’s not only animals that hurt and suffer….it’s fish too.

So farmers know all of these things. They learn early on to shield themselves from the feelings of the animals they work with and regard them as things. Just watch any video on factory farming and you’d be horrified and never eat most animal products again. So when people have to grow up with no regard for animal feelings, I wonder what happens to their feelings towards other humans. It might follow that life on a farm could be the most dangerous environment for creating serial killers. But it isn’t. Because people on farms are also very attached to each other, they’re very dependent on each other, and that’s the condition that creates our humanity, our connectiveness to each other. So my true suggestion as to how to correct the anger and hostility in the world is to give each of the Isis people their own farm. Give each a farm and make them responsible for taking care of those animals and sharing and feeding each other. And the best approach if you feel isolated and lonely is to get involved doing something needed for someone else, or something else. There is always someone else with a worse situation than the one you have, or something else with a harder life than yours. And connecting to nature is wonderful, and realizing all the things we take for granted can make you feel truly rich. We all share the sky, the water and the land. And we all can be grateful that a piece of cake can so easily be found just a few steps away, and for mere pennies. Thank you unfertilized chickens!

Why Country Life is the Most Dangerous- or not

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