“Don’t Pee on my Rocks, THOSE ARE MY ROCKS”

So I was just walking my 10 year old rescue dog, enjoying this beautiful morning, going down a street near my house I’ve been down a hundred times before. It’s an absolutely beautiful morning out here in Chicago, the birds are singing. The sun is shining, it’s just lovely. I’m strolling along wearing my “Peace. Love. Paws. ” t shirt and enjoying this beauty. As usual, I smile and greet all the other dog walkers I pass as I go. I see this older woman with an older white poodle and I smile at her, she pulls her dog away from me and mutters “yah, I know, don’t let her pee on me, I know she will pee on me” . Ok, that’s different. I had no intentions of peeing on her nor did I expect my dog to, so of course it’s obvious she has some issues and I pull my dog away as she will try to greet both the lady and maybe the dog (she likes people better but will endure another dog sniffing her) and think, well, that was weird and I go on my way. But that wasn’t the end. As I walk further down the street she begins screaming at me in the most hateful and horrible tone I’ve ever heard in my life “DON’T PEE ON MY ROCKS, THOSE ARE MY ROCKS….THOSE ARE MY ROCKS….YOU STAY AWAY!” I guess she was alluding to some rocks in front of the grass near the street that I was approaching. I wonder, why is it ok for her dog to pee on other people’s lawn, but not ok for other dogs to pee on her rocks? Are they even her rocks? Can you really own a rock? And besides that, can’t she see I have a lady dog and lady dogs squat, they don’t pee on rocks. But she just keeps yelling as I walk down the street and my dog doesn’t even go near her precious rocks. So I’m thinking, what the f-ck, I’m just trying to enjoy my morning. If those are her rocks, then she is mother nature and boy is mother nature pissed off! And who can blame her? And then I think, boy, if there is ever an argument for medication, there is it.

And now I have to get over my reaction to her, as I fantasize about dumping a load of turds on her rocks because she only told us not to pee. And how interesting my husband might find bailing me out of jail for dumping a load of turds on a poor old mentally ill lady’s front rocks. And perhaps a drive- by bag of pee, human pee (she only yelled at my dog not to pee there). Hmmmmm. Breathe, in, out, in out, in out, let it go.

So I just wanted to share this with you, because no matter what devils or demons you might be wrestling today, be grateful because no matter how messed up you might be, you’re still hundreds of percentages happier and healthier than this poor woman and that’s truly something to be grateful for.


“Don’t Pee on my Rocks, THOSE ARE MY ROCKS”

2 thoughts on ““Don’t Pee on my Rocks, THOSE ARE MY ROCKS”

  1. neurosynap8387 says:

    Happy, happy Sunday. Oh my goodness I hope you don’t have to face this woman everytime u decide to walk your dog. I think you handled her and the situation quite well. You said nothing and let her scream away like the disturbed woman she is. (Unfortunate) I don’t want to sound mean, indifferent, or belittling but I must say I would have probably encouraged her just for my own amusement(extreme boredom here) and then I would have attempted to have some form of conversation with her to see if I could uncover the “issue” at hand. Idk. Maybe u can borrow a neighbors male dog to allow him to pee on her rocks? I would’ve thought of that possibility….. Or u can always watch 4 her on the wknds and walk your dog @ the same time again or borrow a shelter dog -A male and walk him around her property. Hahaha. I hope no one is offended by my suggestions, I honestly mean no harm or malice towards the woman. I do think if u can find a.way to have a convo w/her it may be a gd idea. Then again u never know. I think it’s good to allow amusement in our lives caused by another as long as no harm comes to them. I don’t mean to laugh @someones misfortune for.that is cruel but all of us are different and have @times had/have outbursts that may sound or appear funny to others around us because we sound Bizarre, and thats ok to me. Maybe find her without the dog?? Wonder if she’s different?? If u ever find out, pls. share. ○


    1. Interestingly, I did see her again today. She was without her dog and in her yard. I decided to pretend I didn’t see her, and was hoping she noticed my dog had no interest in her rocks! I’m hoping she doesn’t yell at me again as it was very unpleasant. I needed to vent and I so appreciate the support and the giggles I got in reply! thanks!

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