I won’t be afraid of you Mr Trump

It looks like Donald Trump will represent the Rebublican party at our next presidential election.  People in the news and people in politics were all sure he would be a passing fad.  How did he make it this far?  No one thought it would happen. He’s a bully.

That’s how he got this far.  He’s a bully.   Thousands of people have been taken advantage of in his rises and falls from financial power.  Buddies have always bailed him out.  He is the epitome of  connectedness and power, exclusivity and misogyny, but he made good entertainment.   The media gave lots of attention to his antics.  The impression that gave was that to say something against him was to invite public ridicule.  If you’ve ever been the object of a bully it’s no fun.  As he got away with example after example of bullying and seemed to get more popular as he did so, he attracted more and more people who wanted to be a part of that bandwagon.  I think the Republican party set the stage when they  set the tone of their party to be one of obstruction, name calling, and blocking and exclusionism.   It happened when they became the politicians that would block anything and everything if it came from the Democratic side.   That was not a move that helped our country.  In spite of that, the country still recovered from a severe economic downturn and nothing too terrible happened.

America is still a melting pot.  The country is made up of many people from many backgrounds and this used to be considered one of the strengths of our country.  Now it seems to have become something to be ashamed of.  It feels like it’s time to whisper about religious beliefs.  It feels like a time of non- acceptance.  It was just a few years before I was born that certain religious groups and ethnic groups were considered less than others in another country and were exterminated.  Good people let that happen.  It can occur when people feel afraid to speak out when a bully is in power.  Because apparently what also happens when a bully is in power is that good people withdraw and are afraid to draw the wrath of the attackers.  So they shut up.  Today, I won’t be silent.  I think the man is dangerous.   His “movement” is dangerous, and frightens me.  But I won’t give in to my fear.  If I’m silent, that gives him more power.

In America we like to think of ourselves as people who fight for freedom.  Our constitution separates law from religion and is supposed to give us religious freedom.  But this political leader is doing everything to make “Muslims” and “Mexicans” feel anything but welcome here.  It’s not a good precedent,  and that’s not how I would want my president to act.    If those groups become unwelcome, who will be next?  Where do you fall on that list of those who could become  the next “undesirables”?  If there is any list of “undesirables”, all of us become vulnerable.

But this is why I won’t be afraid.  I’m old enough to be part of a generation that did not stand silent when our country was involved in a war we did not believe in.   I’m part of that generation that got equal rights for women and gave women the power to choose what happens to their bodies.   And I will not stand silent if D. Trump should become president and try to implement the racist policies he’s running on.  And I know at least half of the country will not stand silent.  There are plenty of us still around who know how to activate if a president goes too far trying to take away the religious and personal freedoms we have worked so hard as a country, and died for, to have in place.  We have a constitution, and a senate and congress that will block his ridiculous policies.  Even that clown will not be able to do as he pleases.  I have survived Richard Nixon and other presidents who I thought would ruin our country.  Our country has also survived.   So I will not be silent, and I will not be afraid.

I won’t be afraid of you Mr Trump

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