Pat yourself on the back today

You are here reading this today, trying to find inner peace and happiness.  Good job, pat yourself on the back.

You are a person who cares about their mental health and their feelings and are trying to understand your struggles.  Pat yourself on the back.

You’re examining yourself honestly, head on, in broad daylight. You’re not hiding from your true self.  Pat yourself on the back.

You’re embracing your humanity, your imperfections, your weaknesses.  That takes a lot of bravery.  Pat yourself on the back.

You’re not hiding from the truth.  You accept the truth.  You are able to deal with the truth, even the painful truth.  Pat yourself on the back.

We are all loveable in spite of our imperfections.  Life is worthwhile despite it’s challenges and pain.  Our worth is measured in many ways.  Each of us is on our own journey and at our point in our own journey.  What matters is never giving up.  What matters is loving despite the pain it sometimes causes.  What matters is doing good, no matter what others are doing.  What matters is having the tenaciousness to get up and try again when we fail. What matters is the kindness we extend to ourselves, so that we can extend it to others.  We all make a difference.  Your value is not about what you see when you compare yourself to others.  Your value is you.  And when you love others, you make the world a better place.

Suggestions or information published here might not always speak to you, and might not always be helpful to you.  Use what works for you. Discard what doesn’t.  My intention for this site is for it to be a place to promote your healing, and the growth of your self love.  If something I say doesn’t work for you, please let it go.  It’s ok for you to say, this just isn’t for me, whether it’s here or something on tv or something someone says that makes you feel bad.  If it doesn’t serve your journey, let it go.  Cut yourself some slack.  It’s ok. And once you let it go?  Pat yourself on the back.  Nice job!

Pat yourself on the back today

5 thoughts on “Pat yourself on the back today

  1. neurosynap8387 says:

    Hi Rhonda, I’m not sure how I feel about Lithium. I was on it so many years ago, wow- over 15 yrs ago for sure. I recall I had a side effect that caused me to be taken off of it. Wasn’t on it long enough to be able to say much towards it’s efficacy. I do know others who have benefited from this drug. As u say, Meds r not the only answer for our mental health to improve and I can’t agree with you more on this. I think many of us hope that “magic pill” will suddenly be found knowing inside this isn’t the case. For many ppl who have found “their” almost perfect combination of meds- that’s awesome. Being that depression is such a hard diagnosis to treat, having been in CBT, (problem for me is I can’t remember what I am to change or how), I agree that most of us need to look beyond medication @ times and look within ourselves for change. I also know first hand how difficult it is to come to the point in your life where you can not only accept this but commit to it. Ranting ? I think I’ve touched on a few things your post didn’t mention. I apologize. I’m also a person that cringes away from the name Lithium. Idk why. Ty for your post and ur wonderful blog.


  2. neurosynap8387 says:

    Hi Rhonda. Pat urself on this beautiful day today as well. Things in life are so difficult, draining, seem never-ending. Easy to fall, hard to get up. Too many variables @ play and thoughts of how difficult each single assault upon us is to deal with let alone confront and handle. I thank you for this reminder to not beat ourselves up constantly.


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