Mental Health: Sleep, Nutrition, and Supplements

We all want to feel well, and feeling well could be easier than you think if you make a little effort to make some minor changes in your routine.  There are many things we take for granted, and often times our health and wellness is one of these.  Here are a few steps you can take that can make a huge difference in how often you feel ill, or in how difficult you feel most of your days are.

  1. Make the time available to get adequate sleep.Sleep is necessary for a number of biological processes to work correctly in our bodies. It is not an option, it’s a necessity.

    Sleep deprivation negatively affects brain functions including memory, emotion, and appetite regulation.  Without sleep, the immune system can’t work effectively.  Lack of sleep results in the body becoming less sensitive to insulin, which increases your risk of developing obesity and diabetes.

    Sleep and illness:  In studies, people with sleep deprivation were found to have more insulin resistance and a higher level of Ghrelin, an appetite stimulating  hormone, and a decrease in leptin, an appetite satiating hormone that signals the brain to stop eating.   People with sleep disorders have a higher risk of developing diabetes.   Sleep deprivation results in decreased antibody formation and makes the body more succeptible to illness.

    Sleep and memory:  With inadequate sleep, the mind becomes more likely to become very sensitive to negative memories as well as a significant reduction in ability to recall memory items learned the day before.  As a result, you are more likely to feel depressed because you will remember more negative than positive events.

    The brain needs to experience all the stages of sleep in order to improve memory.   Sleep solidifies memories that are more crucial to our future survival.

  2. Pay some attention to your nutrition.  Eat breakfast or have some nutrition in the morning.   Coffee is not breakfast.  Have at least some juice with it.  One of my patients was really frustrated about weight gain.  She tried reducing her intake more and more.  She finally uploaded an Ap called “My Fitness Pal”.  Want to know what she found out?  She wasn’t eating enough!  She started eating much more and began losing weight. We have to stoke the furnace for it to burn!      AVOID SUGAR!  Sugar is yummy, you don’t have to give it up completely, but sugar increases our uric acid levels and high uric acid levels leads to more inflammation and high inflammation is the root of all disease.  So if you’re going to have that donut and coffee, at least have some protein with it, or mid morning you won’t be feeling very good.  Giving up sugar or significantly reducing it can reduce alot of illness.

                3.  Use of supplements.  You can think whatever you want about supplements, or                        you can try them to see what they do for you.   Since I’ve added mood                                     probiotics (Garden of Life Mood Probiotic- available at Amazon or Whole Foods                        or Vitamin Shoppe) I rarely gets colds anymore. I’ve been able to reduce the                           dose of antidepressant I was taking and I feel better than I did before.  And my                        constipation and sleep issues have dramatically improved.   Because the                                   probiotic helps my body absorb my nutrients, I’m not as hungry as I was                                  before, and I don’t have all the food cravings I had before, so I’m more able to                          control what I choose to eat and how much.

                     Since I’ve added : Flax seed oil 6,000 mg, DHA one daily, and NAC, my brain has                     gotten alot quieter.  My immune system also improved dramatically when I                               initially added these as well, about 3 years ago.  And the other benefits?  Helping                     to prevent heart disease and alzheimers disease.  (You’ve just raised your “good                     cholesterol”)

Tumeric/Curcumin is thought to be a natural antiinflammatory and a natural                            antidepressant.  Tumeric is the only known substance that dissolves amyloid                            plaques.  Amyloid plaques forming in the brain are one of the pathologies                                known to cause Alzheimers disease.

Making any life changes are more obtainable if you choose one small step at a time.  Print out this article.  Choose one area of the three to focus on to start.  Work on the one goal and once that’s accomplished, begin work on another.  Start with whichever is easiest for you to do first.  When you’re actively taking care of yourself, you feel better.  Make yourself one of your priorities.  You will do a better job at everything else in your life when you’re taking better care of yourself.


Mental Health: Sleep, Nutrition, and Supplements

One thought on “Mental Health: Sleep, Nutrition, and Supplements

  1. bookwrm1959 says:

    Wow, that is a lot of good information Rhonda, thanks! i like your suggestion of printing this, and taking one step at a time, because I would get overwhelmed otherwise. I’m grateful you started me on some of these already 🙂


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