Enjoy this day

The sun shining outside or somewhere beyond the clouds is the source of life on this earth.  Absorb it, know it is there for you, absorb that heat and source of life and know it’s fire is burning within you.  Appreciate it and the light in all life around you.

The wind that blows the seeds and blows away the storm clouds, is there to cool your skin and dry your hair and refresh you.  Breathe in it’s goodness, supporting you.  Feel and enjoy it’s gentle caress.

The earth is beneath you to ground you and support you.  Feel it’s strength and let it travel up your whole body to it’s core.   It’s there to hold you up.  It’s there to match your effort as you take your first steps towards your goals and spreading peace and love in our world.

Namaste  ‘the light within me bows to the light within you’

Enjoy this day

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