What are a few things you can do daily to be happier and healthier?

Here are a few quick tips to have a better today

Start the day with your gratitude list; come up with a list of at least 5 things good and right about you and your life before you start your day

Take an extra 5 minutes before you walk in the door at home in your car or outside, to be grateful for everything you have and name those things to yourself.

Enjoy your meal more by putting away all technology, and paying attention to what you’re doing.  Notice how many colors there are, and think about how long that piece of food took to grow and what a journey it took to get to your plate and appreciate that.

Set a timer on your watch or computer for a “life break” , and during this time disengage from technology and connect with yourself, the earth, or another person.  You can massage a body part.  You can comb your hair. You can just say hello to someone. You can just go outside and look at the sky.  Take 5 minutes regularly to re-connect with yourself and the world.

Actually talk to another human who is important to you.  Make a call and tell them how much you love them and appreciate all they have done to help you.

Pay attention to how your body feels, and reframe what words you use by replacing “painful, uncomfortable” and words like that to “sensation”.  Be aware of the sensations your body feels and ask yourself, what is that sensation telling you?

What are a few things you can do daily to be happier and healthier?

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