“mothers” day?

Holidays can be so challenging. Here we are celebrating another day that can be a hard, hard time. Like other holidays, we have an image of what they should be, what the “Hallmark” card looks like and what it actually is. We may have to call or see a “mom” that might have actually done us much harm, but that’s not an appropriate sentiment to share.  Some children quit speaking to their parents, some children move far away, or just send a text.  Some people were lucky enough to have had wonderful mothers, so today they miss them painfully.   Holidays create expectations, and expectations create disappointment.

We may go to a family event today where people aren’t speaking to each other,  are mad or even hate each other.   We may be childless, and feel unloved and feel cheated by the lives we have.   We might have children who have anger and other issues that keep them from speaking to us, or even wish us a happy day.    Life can be painful and harsh.

Whatever their faults, our mothers and fathers did bring us into this world. We’ve gotten life and breath and our opportunity to discover our path and find our own journey. Like every other day, today is a gift and it’s up to us how we live it. It’s our choice to live in the past, feel sad, feel unloved, feel short changed by life’s chances, feel angry about life’s pain.  Or we can live today, focus on today and now, be grateful for each breath and each hand reaching towards us and each life that touches ours today.   Every person who crosses our path today and extends any kind of warmth or kindness is a great gift.  Every family you see who shows warmth and caring to each other is proof that this kind of life can be found.  Every day we live is an opportunity to love and cherish all we have in this present moment, even if today it just our breath and the beauty of the sky and earth.   I will try to focus on all the energy I have towards appreciating all I have today, and each moment of support and kindness the earth shows me and the people around me, show me.  Today is as special as every day we live. We have to try to make every day special and every day count.  And today is a good day to thank any and all we know, who love us in any way and make us feel like we matter to them, because those are the people who we should really be celebrating today, and letting them know how much they matter to us will truly make today a holiday.

“mothers” day?

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