Create your own “home” space

Patients all the time feel like their lives are in constant stress. Sometimes they are living in a very unhealthy environment of which they feel they have no control.  Obviously a young teen might be in this situation, but other times partners or our children have problems that ooze into our daily lives and are sources of stress.  I have seen many women and men in relationship with someone who has a substance problem, for example.

Our bodies become ill with too much stress, and we have to have a place to diffuse it.  When home isn’t the place, you can still create a space, even in a closet, that can be your refuge.  I remember many times as a child where a closet was my special space.

How can you create such a space in your home?  Easier than you might think!  An aromatherapy mister ($50 – I recommend the SpaRoom available at Vitamin World or online as it also lets you pick a soft colored light to further enhance your space), your favorite essential oil ($8-35  since you only use a drop or two in the mister, that bottle will last a long time!) some soothing sounds or music of your choice, and some soft comfortable pillows.  Make yourself a secret space somewhere in your home.  Have items there that comfort you and make you happy.  The gift of giving yourself and creating this space for yourself is powerful and healing in of itself, and it becomes a space just for you.  You could even create it in your car if you had to.  The important element is creating a place and space to relax and let everything go, and just breathe.

Create your own “home” space

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