I am mother earth

I am here for you and you are here and important to me

I provide my earth to be your support

I provide my fluids and flowers to nourish you

I provide my light to warm you

I have all these resources to serve you

I am here to serve you and you are here to experience all of life

You have all these feelings because they also serve you

If you didn’t feel pain, you wouldn’t feel the joy of it’s absence

Life involves both good and hard feelings and they all are important

We need each other to survive, man is a species that can’t exist without a community to take care of him.  You are born helpless.  Most of the people of the earth are good and  good people of the earth are here to help you.  You honor them when you accept their help.  You honor and connect them to you by asking for their help.   Humans needing each other to survive is a biological fact.  Reach out, and let them support you, and live your life supporting and enjoying my bounty.

I am mother earth

2 thoughts on “I am mother earth

  1. Hi, I see I missed this beautiful honour to our Sacred Mother Earth. Posted so long ago and yet fresh to me as the day you shared this. It is enlightening for me to find you also hold a view regarding Our Scared Mother Earth extremely similar to that of my own. How truly fortunate we are as well as others who have the same feeling, the rare gift of knowledge of all we have been given that lays right in front of us. Abundance abounds free of charge for all to take, appreciate, and honor. This gift is not one that should ever be took for granted for all that Mother Earth freely gives can also be taken from us w/in the millisecond of the blink of our eye. I’ve learned long ago thru not only my Earth based faith, but as a young girl that I have been given the insight to appreciate all ” she” wants/hopes for everyone to realize, to become open, and one with “her”. Not only is this of high importance, it is a precious gift to all willing to “see.” Much more than stopping to smell the Roses. We must honor our Mother Earth by giving back whatever she has given to us, by doing so we are blessed w her raw energies which are unseen by many. It’s my hope for our future that those who refuse to notice this gift will one-day choose acceptance that we are connected deeply w Mother Earth.

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