what to do when you’re feeling bad

There are times when we know our negative feelings are from something we thought we had already dealt with. If those negative feelings come back it could be because you haven’t really dealt with it at all.
Unlike negative thinking which requires our retraining and refocusing our thoughts to the present, feelings sometimes actually need us to spend more time with them. Feeling badly is uncomfortable, but instead of pushing those feelings away it’s actually healthier to give yourself time to feel them.
There are situations where we don’t have the time, like when a death occurs and it’s time to return to work. When you have some privacy, it’s normal to feel sad and necessary to take the time you need to feel sad.
Just because others might think you should “be over it” doesn’t mean that’s your time frame. Pushing feelings away just means they’re either going go churn and cause sickness in your body, or they’re going to keep popping up. Be with your negative feelings. They ground us and keep us real. They remind us of who we really are. They’re human, and our anger and sadness and our comfort with them is important to our full mental health.
Bad feelings can feel overwhelming and smothering and more than we can handle. It actually takes less effort to just be with them, and remind yourself you can handle them and it’s ok, Keep breathing. How bad you feel right now won’t last forever, and the more you practice becoming comfortable with your bad feelings, the easier they will become to handle when they occur in the future. Because being human, we will have them occur again.

what to do when you’re feeling bad

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