types of unhealthy thinking- which do you do?

When our minds wander, we mostly wander to unhealthy thoughts, and those unhealthy thoughts make us feel depressed and unworthy.

Unhealthy thoughts such all predicting the future as catastrophic or hopeless lead us to feeling unmotivated today.  Thinking everything is black or white, or that there is only one right way to do things limits your creativity and others’ as well.  Harsh self judgement or harsh judgement of others fills your mind with anger and makes you feel irritable.  The expectation that life is either under our control or unfair is both untrue and magical; and the harder we try to control what can’t be controlled, the more frustrated we will feel.

The only thing we can control is ourselves.  The only behavior we can control is our own.  Act in ways that display your goals and your truths.  Keep your word to yourself and others will help you feel better about yourself. Make daily goals you can keep today.  Allow time to rest and know that the more you like yourself and nuture yourself today, the healthier and happier your tomorrow will be.

types of unhealthy thinking- which do you do?

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